Lisa Bunn - Recreational Athlete

"I had suffered a bad ankle sprain exactly three weeks before my daughter's wedding. THREE WEEKS. All I could think of was: how am I going to do all of the mother-of-the-bride things that need to be done as the wedding got closer on crutches or hobbling in a boot? Along with: how am I going to wear my recently-purchased heels that complimented my mother-of-the-bride dress and dance the night away at the reception? Needless to say, I was angry and sad all rolled into one big mess of a mom.

Nora literally saved me. She came to my rescue with her knowledge and expertise. Two days after the incident, she wrapped my ankle in Rock Tape which utilizes kinesiology to help start the healing process of my very swollen and painful ankle as well as provided small mobility exercises for me to do. FOUR DAYS later (see photo) you can already see the healing had begun! You can actually see where the tape was (no bruising) and was not (bruising). She worked with me from that moment up until the wedding with re-taping and ankle mobility and strengthening exercises. Within two weeks of the incident, I was able to go from two crutches down to one crutch. By the start of week three - no crutches! And the best part, I was able to participate fully in my daughter's wedding, wear my heels, and dance the night away!

My ankle is still healing and I am and will continue to work with Nora through the process of taping, exercises, and stretches so that I can resume my normal activities with ease and with a stronger and more stable ankle.

I can't thank Nora enough! She made this mom, and her daughter, very happy."

Alisa Curry - Physical Therapist

"She is a caring knowledgeable, common sense clinician who will take great care of you. I've seen and supervised her work first hand and know you're in great hands!"

Martin Martinez - Personal Trainer

"She takes the time to know what you need, and is very knowledgeable!"

Alma Brunson - Runner and Marathoner

"Nora is a vibrant, supportive, nurturing athlete and coach who loves to encourage and help others. Involved in her community and a champion for many causes she is very passionate with a zeal for life. Nora is continuously educating herself to grow and better help others. As an athlete herself she knows the importance of preventing injuries by maintaining mobility and flexibility. Sharing both her love of sports and exercise in her classes and friendships. You just can't help but smile around her because she makes you feel important. A great listener and problem solver she will do her best to get you back on track."