Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been around for a long as humans have been hitting their “funny bones” and rubbing it afterwards. Now, we all know that our funny bone is near our lateral epicondyle of the humerus and the ulnar nerve is what gets activated and that friction, effleurage and can help change the signals sent to our brain, right?

No, it’s not up to you to know all the nerves, muscles and their actions and what type of massage you need, that is up to your therapist.

And after doing this work for nearly 10 years I realize more than ever that my brain is in my hands and I can’t always tell you why I do what I do when I feel something.


These last few weeks have been a busy one in my practice as clients are recognizing my new location and are more interested in the work I’m doing combining bodywork and stretching. However, many of them just want a MASSAGE.

What is that really and why do I do this work?

Our fast-paced, competitive and time-starved society is being more connected and less user-friendly and I think we find ourselves needed reminders that we are human.

No better way than through touch therapies.

Massage therapists vary in their techniques, environment and experience and it does take some time to match up with the therapist who suits your needs. Many of my clients will have a session with me for one particular situation and see another therapist just across town for something else. There really is room for all of us and which can each provide something different. Instead of being competitive we want to collaborate on helping our clients feel and function better.

Is a massage an indulgence? Many clients see a monthly massage therapy as general body maintenance, similar to getting an oil change in their car. It has to do with your priorities and if you have found the right therapist for you.

Not unlike finding a new healthcare professional, you have to be the responsible human and be the one in charge, ask lots of questions before your scheduled session. Talk to others who have had a session with your new therapist and definitely ask about their education what was their latest continuing education course.

Rapport is probably the key factor to decide who you want to work on your body and it is your body and your choice on who gets to touch it! Don’t be intimidated by a fancy office and decorations or a special spa uniform, find out if you really like this person and if you can trust them. When someone walks through my office door looking for help to feel or move better, I take that seriously. My clients have placed their trust in me to either help them or find someone who can. That is the bottom line and I hope you take some time to make an appointment or ask me about a therapist who can help you in your search to live a bigger and better life.