What can happen in a year or rather, persistence, patience and purpose

Losing weight has been a goal of mine since I was 18, probably because I was told by some kid in high school that I was sorta big-boned, had big thighs and that I didn’t look like all the other girls. That might have been a while ago, since I’ll be 57 on my next birthday.

Discovering yourself, loving yourself and not worrying about what others think is something you can read and see on posters, it takes time to really settle in.

Finding a career, job or purposeful volunteering so you can connect with other humans and feel useful and pay the bills is a big challenge in our ever changing world, it too takes time to find what you’re good at.

How I began to learn those lessons and more began in February, last year after my annual physical. This was post-holiday celebration season and we had a GREAT party to toast our oldest son’s college graduation. When I saw this picture of me with my family at his graduation, I stopped in my tracks:

Yup, that’s me on the right! Quite blurreda robust woman at that point, but also a point where I realized I wasn’t quite myself. However, few people thought there was anything wrong or that I looked any different from the last time they had seen me. Hmm, must have been my amazing personality???

Through my nearly 57 years I’ve prided myself on being active and somewhat athletic, even with my long-standing battle with trying to lose a few pounds. Not now!

So following my doctor appointment it was evident that something needed to change, but I couldn’t figure it out, despite having been in the fitness industry and having a “understanding of the body” as a massage therapist. I was healing from a significant knee surgery  , which can cause a lot of stress. However, I had found RMT fitness working out with Martin and was monitoring my food and water. What was happening to my body?

Next step, blood tests and wow were my hormones out of whack. Testosterone was at an undetectable level, which is somewhat common in women, especially post-menopause. My doctor helped me understand the link between all the hormones that play a part in my body’s functioning and what I was lacking. The short story, due to low testosterone and the imbalance of other hormones, I could not increase muscle, or burn fat, no matter what workout I was doing.

Ah, at least it wasn’t my fault, or was it? Really, it’s not a matter of blame. Instead I had some answers and with her guidance began some supplementation, which improved my mood and gave me some hope that things could change. One piece of the puzzle but what else?

What I had been eating was considered very clean, following a nutritionist’s plan that had worked for me before. However a friend had posted about Whole 30® Program, which was very similar to what I had been eating, but NO ALCOHOL, GRAINS, DAIRY AND NO CHEATING for 30 days. Time to stick with a plan and be PERSISTENT.

All of that was helpful, but I hadn’t quite put everything together and kept training at RMT for another round of one-on-one sessions with Martin. Among his many sayings were: keep at it, do the work and the results will follow, teaching me PATIENCE.

And where am I now, what is the big reveal? My weight at my doctor appointment was 179, this month I hit a goal and you can see in the photo at the end, on the right, and my progress along the way.

I’d like to say this all happened in 6 weeks and I have the perfect formula to help everyone achieve their best, slimmest, healthiest self, I don’t have it.

I’d like to say that it was easy and that it took very little effort to get here, I can’t.

I’d like to say that I was pleasant, well-mannered client who never got upset because I wasn’t making progress or that I couldn’t actually step up or down from a box because my brain was too wired to understand what my body had to do, definitely can’t say that!

What I can say and encourage you to do if you are struggling with your weight or health or know someone who is, Never give up! Never stop searching for answers for YOUR questions? Don’t follow your friends who have lost weight on a pill, formula or shake that is getting lots of likes on Facebook! Find someone who believes in you and supports your efforts and encourages you to give YOUR best effort. Don’t believe your friends or the talk show hosts who say “women just can’t lose weight after menopause,” or after they turn 51 or 64 or 78! Don’t believe anyone who says women “can’t lift weights and get stronger “or that “you can’t do a headstand because it’s bad for your back” or that “you only should eat this or that” or any other bullshit that starts with, “well, this is what I would do if I were you.”

They are not you, only you are and if you get really clear with what you want and find the right people to support you, you can do anything.

What’s next? Never stopping, now that I understand what works for me and and helping others find their OWN way to living a big, beautiful life. That’s my PURPOSE and one of the best things I’ve learned this last year. Martin and the rest of the coaches at RMT have created something different and it’s not for everyone, it might be for you. And yes, I’m part of that team too. After changing my body and feeling more confident it was time to get back to work. I renewed my massage license and have a spot at the RMT facility doing active isolated stretching and bodywork.

I know there is so much more to learn and now I’m really ready. I hope to read your success story next year. Send me an email if you have questions, want to share your story or need some help.

Here are my stats and photos just to help you see that results can happen:

January 2017

January 2018