Once a trainer, always a trainer

Nora 4

Some times it feels like yesterday, the truth is it was almost 20 years ago. That was the last time I donned a trainer shirt, like the one above. I’m back and can’t be more excited. My last trainer title was from a local Y, I even supervised other trainers in the exercise area.

Then (Oct. 29)our youngest son was born and as our third child, my husband and I decided time for me to get home full-time with the kids. I continued to teach a few aerobic classes and even worked a bit for a much smaller gym in town, but things never really gelled. Since then, I’ve added to my education obtaining an associates degree and being licensed as a physical therapist assistant in my current practice as a licensed massage therapist. After a serious knee injury, surgery and subsequent rehab period of nearly a year and 1/2 it’s now that I see my next step back to where the circle started — once a trainer, always a trainer.


I’ve learned a lot through many hours of continuing education and from others in the field of health, fitness and wellness. Much has changed through these two decades. New insights have been found related to the body and the brain, improved equipment suited to a variety of body sizes and types and more importantly a new crop of professionals dedicated to changing people’s lives.


To have the opportunity to influence, coach and guide others to improve their health and abilities is a calling and I’m thrilled to now be associated with a group of fellow enthusiasts at RMT Fitness.


There is so much work to be done. Our local community, Iowa and the world at large has increased levels of diabetes, obesity and other issues tied to our lifestyle. Research studies show that regular contact with trained and prepared coaches can make a difference. I personally know this from working with Martin Martinez and now it’s your turn. Take the first step and we will be there cheering you on, pushing you forward, guiding you on your path to improved health and wellness and a life fully lived.